Alice (caddy_compson) wrote,

The relationship between Christmas and Joanna

**Light in August spoilers. Don't read if you haven't gotten to page 250.**

Here's something I am not a hundred percent sure about: Why did Christmas (sort of) rape Joanna? Why is he so angry at her? I have a few thoughts and possible answers:

-After developing a very stubborn misogyny, Christmas is angered to find a woman who acts more like a man. It doesn't fit his frame of thought.
-The kindness Joanna shows Christmas reflects Mrs. McEachern's kindness, which Christmas hated.
-He feels resentful because he thinks Joanna pities him.

I don't think I read this part carefully enough. I'll have to go back and look over it again.

Throughout the novel, Christmas alternately goes through periods where he identifies more with his white ancestry, and times when he identifies more with his black ancestry. Which race does he feel more kinship with when he meets Joanna? How does it affect his relationship with her? Could it have something to do with his anger?
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